Sunday, August 24, 2014

Red Tail Hawks

At the right side top of the bench is a hawk. Our new resident hawk. Big Daddy says he is hanging out on our patio because it is lush. He is hanging out now for about 3 days. He shits a lot.

Sammy  The Spanky Dog got his spa day Saturday and I am wondering if the hawk is eyeballing Sammy.

BD says it is a Red Tail Hawk. We will try to get better pictures.

I am on vacation now and should have more interesting photos and conversation for a few weeks.


  1. Yes, hawks and tiny dogs are a bad mix. I am glad you are on vacation. I got a bit of a temptation of a job interview process going to second base but it required some undesirable steps and long distance and negative economics.

    1. Sounds yuck, yes our hawks and eagles are not friends of our small furry friends.