Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No dry bed for me

Adding some perennials on sale at the end of the season.

Well today I am stuck at home-Detroit flooded out. The only way I could get to work would be to swim, and they are saying don't swim in the water as the bacteria count is high. And I can't find my water wings. There are scuba divers on I-75 looking for people in the cars that are underwater. That is crazy ass.

Doing my bedding, yes my bed was wet again and my roofer is not answering his phone. Paid him a lot of money for a dry bed.

My plant is running but I don't know for how long as the trucks can't get through. This is a mess, I don't know why people are working today. Of course Big Daddy is about the join the crazies as he heard 8 Mile is open now, I will update as appropriate.


  1. Wow! I had not heard about your weather problems. I was a roofer too much of a fractional century ago for a couple summers in college, the last two. We have been cool and green and wet mildly for aLL of June, July and Aug, after severe drought for 3 previous summers. This has been nice, veRy un-Texas-y.

    1. My in-laws in New Mexico were telling me they are still in drought, enjoy.