Sunday, April 12, 2015


A boat from Holland Michigan in the Savannah River. That is where my niece lives.

Saturday was pedicure day and after that I hobbled around Trader Joe's making groceries. Buy of the day were the dry daffodils you put them in water and they bloom. Beautiful yellow in the kitchen. Second was the pot of herbs for the kitchen sill. Makes it seems more like Spring.

Grosse Pointe is famous for the Estate Sales. There are companies that take care of this and this is the season. The best are the sales where someone died because the house is usually older and the stuff is much more interesting. This weekend was just a moving sale and quite overpriced. The stuff left behind was not at all interesting and I was looking around upstairs before trying to get down without a hand rail-aesthetics versus safety me thinks, when the sale lady tells me the owner of the house is an artist and I was seeing one of her paintings for sale. Yee Gads, selling your own paintings in a garage sale with your broken caned chairs?

Got a text on Saturday of a problem at work. This is a bad problem and there is a nasty meeting on Monday morning that I have to attend and explain this shit. And there is no answer other than we are a terrible supplier and why do you keep sourcing us business. And for the first time no one is emailing me because they do not want to go to the meeting-- so I guess I have carte blanche until Monday afternoon. This is when they will tell me I handled this badly. I am hopeful this is when the customer tells them to haul their happy asses in their and explain.

Big Daddy and I are not speaking. We had a big fight. I went to the pantry to get out the dog's leash and a pack of cigs fell on my head. I do not care if you smoke, but dammit it all do not lie to me about it. I am not amused. Enough said.


  1. Yes, smoking = bad, I have to put up with tOO much of it because I choose a particular diner. I do get tired of people leaving their cigarette butts on the ground behind my business. Laziness. I need to instaLL a camera.

    I have not seen my daffodils bloom yet. My grapes are out in force. I don't remember what you caLL this stage in the cycle where the tiny bunch of pre-bloom material appears. just appears to be called flowering, I thought there was a fancy name for it.

  2. Yea, to the grapes. I cannot stand the cigarette butts all over, makes me crazy. How is that Baby?