Thursday, April 16, 2015

Still whining after all these years

This is the street in front of Mrs. Wilkes, there was a newlywed couple moving in across the street. The wonderful old homes are mostly broken up into apartments.

My bulbs are coming up like crazy. Some are small, but Costco and not enough fertilizer will do that.

I learned that I am not the Purple Squirrel, that is apparently the prize employee. The one everyone seeks that is so fucking perfect, it is amazing . Well, I am the employee you got and can't get rid of because no one so far is willing to take on this job. I am the Pink Rat, I do your bidding, unspoken of course, and we all pretend I do not exist. VP's want the squirrel. Realistic people want the rat and can't say so.

Last email of the day was to tell my "Report To" that I have 6 hours left for the week. That is his new nut, tell me when you are getting close. You know, I have never over-charged these people and probably shorted myself. FU, I have 6 hours left and if he thinks I will go home and be on call, no I will go home take a nap. Or get a massage. More to come on this one.

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