Thursday, April 30, 2015

Can't fix this wonky mess

Dinner at Elizabeth's Savannah

I have pictures of us dressed up and cannot find them. A project for the weekend.

Work is a hoot, the sort company had to change a person to a new job because they could not count. The numbers were always off by something like 183 and finally after we bitched for weeks and weeks and weeks, they tested her and she cannot count. She also tried to get hired by the OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, and she did not pass. So now she is trying to cause trouble because, what do people do that cannot do well in society. They try and cause chaos. It is hilarious, all the people who champion her, the UAW buddies and comrades, will not say shit to anyone but her. And she cannot count. How do you get to be old enough to work in an assembly plant and you cannot count.

I am talking 2+2.

I have to go to school tomorrow, at the corporate office and I hate this. Dressing for corporate and going into the plant later and looking appropriate for both without screwing up your clothes. It is rare but I have ripped and torn a few things, some of them new.

My vehicle is back in the shop because the fix did not fix it. Nope, And when I asked Big Daddy if he mentioned that when it "System" went wonky it randomly changed radio stations, well he said he forgot about that part of the mess.

Plan for tomorrow, put out email I am not available and call anyone else, go to class, stop and get great lunch on the way back to the plant and start to have a great weekend.

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