Monday, April 20, 2015

Shady sailors

The waving girl. It seems some shady ass sailor stole her heart and told her he was coming back to marry her. So all day and all night this woman and her dog waved at the incoming ships to welcome this asshat back. After 42 years she died. Waving that damn towel. Yikes.

So the boss showed up and what should have been a knock down drag out was nothing. They ran out of time again. And I have to go in tomorrow and report out and I have no damn answers. This is just great, cause I am gonna make up my own damn answers. I will put this out there at 4 AM and wait for the calls to start. I bet my phone won't work tomorrow morning.


  1. Well after my trip I think all asshats should be locked up for a month in Toys R Us in Times Square. That would sort the fuckers out.

    1. I am shocked there is a Toys R Us in Times Square. I refuse to go there, even for Curly. Until she is old enough to guilt me in the door.