Saturday, April 11, 2015

The hiss heard round the world

Dammit there is no picture to add.

Well, since we have been home, and obviously not taking enough photographs, the animals are re-taking their territory.

The cat likes to hiss at the dog, she is staking out whatever ground she seems to think she has claimed.

The dog knows nothing of this claiming of territory shit and is simply wandering about sniffing for a clue of what's up.

The other day Zoey was in the corner of the door walls looking out over her domain of yard and Sammy was circling the area.

Every circle had a hiss, Zoey acknowledged Sammy.

Then, once around the circle I heard 2 hisses. Oh My. . . . . Sammy learned to hiss back.

I thought I would pee my pants. And I think, so did Zoey.

Who Knew, the old dog could learn new tricks.

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