Monday, May 4, 2015

We had a glorious weekend

Dinner at Elizabeth's on the Park.

We do clean up when it is necessary. Golly gee I am a short fat thing.

The weekend was fabulous. Now that things are calmer we are going back to traditions. Magazines and wine in the "Parlor", snacks and animals snuggled in for Friday late afternoon. I stopped and bought some flowers from Trader Joes and a couple of orchids for the bedrooms. And TJ's had no Fiji water. Heavens, what is the world coming to?

Sammy Dog is excited to sit on the chair on the porch and watch the world go by. Zoey cat discovered a window sill she can sit at when the window is open and she is in ecstasy.

The yard is 90% ready for planting and it is in the 70's, that teaser time. If you plant now, it will all die in 2 weeks. Damn. Maybe next week we can get the boston ferns for the outside. And if Big Daddy puts the pots out we can plant the lettuce and onion sets.

Punkin Head has exciting news but I cannot breathe a word in case it does not work out. I sent some presents to my girls. And one for PH. And now doing the flowers for Mother's Day. I think I want a camera for Mother's Day. I remember one year I got a camera for Mother's Day and I was pissed. It was not really a camera for me, BD wanted a camera and used it for an excuse. And I never did get to use the camera. But with Curly coming, I think I want better photos of what is sure to be the most beautiful baby ever.


  1. My you do indeed brush up well! I am overcome after looking at your feet for so long.