Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The stress has finally taken a toll

Odd stuff growing on a tree

Well, I was just sitting around Saturday letting my toes dry when I felt this nasty sharp pain on my arm. I looked and it looked all red and lumpy and I figured I had been bitten by a spider. I have had spider bites before and I do attract all things wacky, so why not. It hurt, as spider bites do and you just ignore the pain. Until very early Monday morning.

By 4 AM is was not going to work I was going to the doctor. The pain felt like someone had a serrated knife jabbing into my arm. I am not kidding this pain was excruciating. By 7AM I was at the emergency room and I felt like I could not breathe. The red lumpy painful thing on my arm did not look worse but it felt horrid.

Well, the Doc was not so sure it was a "bite", he was thinking this could be a very mild case of Shingles. Mild? Then I saw the pictures on Google and was grateful for mild. It is hilarious to be sitting in the ER and Big Daddy is looking the stuff up on Google and the Doc and Nurse are doing their job. So I got a huge dose of Benadryl and a prescription for Hydro codon and Keflex, just in case it is an infected bite. I go to the Internist tomorrow.

I started thinking in my fog induced state about everything I read on the Internet. I am thinking that time I woke up in China with the red spots on my face that hurt and stung was prolly my first bout of Shingles. Then the huge red zit that was not a zit and spread was prolly round 2. That still flares once in a while. So this would be round 3 in about 5 or 6 years. Hmmm.

I am worried about the face thing as this seems to flare alot and I cannot be around Curly if I am broken out. This is upsetting me greatly. That and the fact that it hurts like the devil. Then on top of it all I broke out in hives today and the Benadryl does not work on the hives so I am taking Zyrtec for the hives. Sheesh.