Thursday, May 14, 2015

Progress, thank God for good insurance.

It was so cold and wet I did not get pics of the glorious bulbs that bloomed. We had a lot of blooms.

They just named the new bridge to Canada the Gordie Howe Bridge. Canada really does not want the Ambassador bridge family to continue in any way in the bridge business. They are paying for the bridge, the customs plaza and now named it after the most beloved hockey player in Detroit. Wow. Gordie was a Canadian, so a win-win.

The new meds seem to be working, still painful as hell but it looks like the swelling is going down and it is turning all colors and looks to be drying up. Wow. If it is at all possible get the Shingles Vaccine. This "disease" or whatever it is called is a bitch and a half.

Another symptom of the Shingles is confusion. Yep, I was very blond. Told my doc I felt like I took a stupid pill. That is clearing up also.

Punkin Head was sending us a harness for the cat and I hope it gets here soon. She wants outside so bad she can't stand it. Big Daddy got her toy, it is like a yellow sheet with a ball that rotates underneath and she loves it. We put it out in the morning when she wants to play and we have not had coffee. That is the only time she gets it. I do the laser pen at night and she loves that too. She is not that great with the fishing pole but that may be my fault as I have not practiced enough with her.

Time for another nap.

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