Saturday, May 23, 2015

Colors of my life

Yellow Calla lily Big Daddy bought to plant in the yard.

The lake is now emerald green.

Sammy is cream colored again, his spa gets him pretty clean. The meds he takes turns his fur brown.

We don't want to talk about the color of the Shingles.

I cooked last night, I know it was a crap shoot, but my chicken did turn out bronzed and crispy.

My toes are NYC Big Apple Red by OPI and we are ready for summer.

My chin is turning red again since I finished the Prednisone. That stuff really beat the rosacea back.

Big Daddy received vintage blue cuff links for his birthday.

My black WE watch from Ebay broke on the second wearing.

And I need new summer hats, straw or colored, maybe red white and blue.


  1. You are truly a rainbow of color.

    1. Thank you for noticing. Isn't it about time for some pineapple and grape updates?

    2. Sorry for the delays. I have been busy to the eXtreme tired stage. My grapes are utterly fantastic with aLL the moisture we have got and my orchid just lost one round of blooms but is adding on even more now. I think it is about 6 years old. No pineapple fruit have set on in quite some time so maybe I wiLL have several at the same time. The youngest plant didn't "work" so I only have 10 now. I need a real greenhouse. I picked a grape leaf yesterday for wife that was about 7 inches wide. The actual grapes have now appeared with most of the buds opened up. I have seen no praying mantis yet which is unusual for this late in May and how much time I spend looking at the grapes.