Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shingles Update

Love these more than I thought I would. They last a long time.

Well we are now down to a dull throb once in a while so they pain is eased considerably. It is still ugly and a little itchy. Today is my first day working with no Aleve and no Zyrtec and so far okay. The funny thing is my face is completely cleared up. I get rosecea and it shows up during stress (like the shingles) and whatever meds I am on worked on that too. I am thinking the steroids.  I still fatigue easily which brings up bitch number one.

 My boss decides to come to the plant and pick up some parts, quite an armful really. He calls me when he gets here to tell me his badge won't work. So now I know he never set foot in the plant when I was out. Then I had to carry the parts out to him, and I was whipped. When I got home he called and first asked how I was, I told him very tired. He said me too. WTF.

Then he proceeds to ask me questions about the shit we just talked and texted about for the last hour.

Then his boss calls me to ask the same stupid questions. WTF.

We have the cat harness so this should be fun, but Big Daddy is in Mexico so I won't be for a few days.

This will be my first time taking care of both the animals alone and I am not sure how this is gonna work. Zoey cat is much more demanding of food and attention than Sammy Dog. She was watching me get ready this morning and started demanding some attention and I told her mommy is not a morning person.

They might be working this Memorial Day and I will be stuck with it if they do. Can't wait to find out.

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