Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Random Stuff

Close up of the weird tree growth.

Well, Doc changed my meds put on the shit I prolly should have been on to start with and if this works in about 2 weeks I can get a Shingles Vaccine. Hooray. Just wish the pain would quit. And I can see Curly and my hairdresser when this is all better.

Well, there is a mall nearby-Eastland Mall-and it is one of the most unsafe places ever. It is in Harper Woods across the Freeway and the first thing I told DIL when she moved here is that she is not allowed to go to that mall. It is simply not safe. The other day there were shots fired at the mall. That place is gonna close down and everyone will bitch there is no place to shop and there is no public transportation to the Macy's in the burbs. Well, quit shootin the damn place up.

Thanks to Punkin Head we are going to be adventurous on our visit to Portland and stay at a B & B. It appears to be a Mother in Law type unit attached to an old English Tudor in the upper crust section of Portland by Reed College. We got it through Airbnb. Two beds a living room and kitchen with a private pool for $885.00 a week. And it is in walking distance to Curly except you have to go up a hill that is pretty steep. Now we just need a plane ride and a rental car.

We planted 2 Bleeding Heart and one "Poblomo" pepper plant. I have no hope for the pepper, this is Big Daddy's idea. The ferns are up and the moving of the pots has begun.

Finished re-reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, because of the Savannah trip, and enjoyed it as much as the first time. Trying to read Anne Rice's The Prince Lestat and not too sure about this one. Watching this wacky show on the television, Southern Charm about a bunch of drunk people in Charleston and how the rich felon is running against Lindsay Graham for a senate seat. And these asshats think he could win.

Need to take a nap.


  1. I am terrified of Shingles and had a shot a month or so ago. They have very scary ads on TV that convinced me - plus talking to someone who had them. We have a Kroger near us that is called "Kroghetto".

    1. The pain is unrelenting. The narcotics don't work. The new stuff seems to be doing something.