Sunday, May 10, 2015

Just another day

This is supposed to be picture of a freighter. I think we need a better camera.

It is a wonderful weekend, some sunshine and warm weather.

Curly's mom, temporarily known as boobs, had to go and get another one of those nasty glucose tests. I feel for her. But she liked the nursing gown I sent so she is still of sound mind and body. We are still on track for the July 5 birthday.

Farms Market where we purchased the rubber tree planters last year raised their prices on the pots from 45 dollars to 70. I don't think so. I can do a great pot for less than that. Just means getting your hands dirty.

New skin care makeup thing for those into that stuff. It is on HSN so don't get all huffy, this is not expensive stuff. Serious Skin Care by Sylvester Stallone's wife, she has been doing this for many years. It is called Firm A Face XR, there is a trademark thing in there, and this stuff works. It comes in a tube and you shake it, then you put a glop on your palm and put it where all the little wrinkles are, works on big wrinkles too, just does not take them down to no wrinkles. Then you keep your face still and put on your deodorant and skin creams and what nots and then you splash your face 5 or 6 times with cool water. Then you tap tap tap with your fingertips. And then I don't put anything else on for 15 or 20 minutes. I swear the little lines and shit just go away. For the day.

Niecey loved her Free People vest and stuff. Mom is mom and that is all I can say.

Let us see what next week will bring.

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