Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog Protocol

999 roses

First let us just get the daily The Help update out of the way. It comes out on DVD at Amazon on December 6. It is around 30 US dollars. Now if I order this I will have to have Punkin Head overnight the movie to me and we all know it will become available in China the day after he ships it out. GRR. And we somehow are out of sync with books. Every book is on pre-order, I am sure because they are salivating over Christmas sales since they must not make shit on the electronic books. Just a little tear running down my cheek, I really miss bookstores with books in English. Although I am sure there are other Americans missing that also, no doubt the former Borders employees.

So on to this Blogging protocol question. And yes, I have way to much time on my hands.

People put shit out on the Internet for whatever reason and people read it for whatever reason. I get that part. Some people live really interesting lives or are really good at fabricating one. Some people are funny, some are good writers, and some share a common interest. I love the crossword puzzle Blogs.

But there are some people that put themselves out there as "look at me" aren't I doing a marvelous thing? This is mostly, but not entirely,  the fashion and cooking Blogs. This is my new outfit, this is how I cooked a roast, could any number of strangers please tell me how to purchase a car, underpants and mascara type people.

When you read the comments on these Blogs, everyone always tells the writer how wonderful they look, how fabulous they are, how they wished they could own those shoes. What the fuck is up with that? Then they beg on their sites that you send them more readers. Huh.

So my question is, would it be so horrible to tell some of these people the truth? If you are going to post outfits posing for pictures,  maybe you should iron the clothes first. If your gums are the first thing people see, change your lipstick or take a page from Victoria Beckham and quit smiling. If your recipe is stolen from a movie that made the cake a parody, do not fucking post it as this is a great cake. And I do not even want to discuss unpainted toenails today, it is too large of a subject.

I only post a comment when I have something to say, which is not all time. But I never criticize other people. I also do not blow smoke up their ass.

I guess I just answered my own question. These people really do believe they are doing something great and really do not want constructive criticism. They do not understand why they do not have enough followers or clicks for whatever monetary goal they have set for themselves. It is all about the money and they are not willing to invest a bit of money to make the money they think they deserve. Bingo.

Tomorrow, either unpainted toenails, a search for a job, or whatever other stupid shit pops into my head.


  1. Okay, i'm sorry, you caught me, i'll never comment again. (hah!) Don't worry, I rarely paint my toe nails, but some day I hope to make at least a small profit in that business. It is kind of slow at the moment just starting that business but hopefully it picks up as we add a couple more technicians soon. I try to make my comments worthwhile and honest, and hopefully enjoyable.

  2. esby, you are fun, I was not referring to you, you have never posted pictures of yourself in questionable attire and asked if you did not look like the cat's pajamas. Or in China that would be dressed in Hello Kitty pajamas.

    I don't mind people that make money on the Blogs, I just mind people that don't have a lick of sense. There is one Blog I read, not follow, that is excellent. If she asked for money, like The New York Times, I would pay for it.

  3. he-hee, I knew you weren't talking about me ... I try to find a lot of the absurd news events and vent about them on my blog, plus all the silly funny things that happen around me and the strange collected words that float between my ears in duh bwain. I think I have been writing online in one form or another for about 15 years, the oldest records have vanished. I have been having fun with Badger, getting to learn a little about Vienna. Getting to know you will give me a good reason to rekindle my Sino studies. I have been busy doing so many other things that I haven't touched on my language studies in several months, probably my longest gap of the last 30 years. The weekend was a disaster with the wifey being sick, so today I am playing catch up with everything housework related, as well as trying to write daily for the NaBloPoMo blog writing month of November. I am not used to forced writing on a schedule and dislike it, but I am about halfway finished so I don't plan to quit.

  4. Love the post (shit did I just break the rule?)Honestly, my better half has a facebook account and one women on there posts paintings she has done, the issues is that a 6 month old Labrador dog with the shakes could do better - Dipping a snail in paint and letting it crawl across a canvass, would produce better quality work, but she receives dozens (literally) dozens of comments hailing her as the next Picasso or Rembrandt. Which led me to my favourite word this year sycophant, which applies to many of these idiots.