Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feeling slightly human

This is one of the pretty white rugs I just had to have, I apologize for not making the bed.

I remember wanting a rug like this when I was a teenager, don't know much about it but I love it. I have 2, used to have 3 until Big Daddy ruined one. Don't ask because even I don't know. He somehow zero's in on certain things that will not survive and the rug I put in the guest room was a target.

When I first came to China our apartment was a sparse wasteland with no warmth. And no forks and spoons. BD got some cheap flatware and then we went to Ikea. I had never been to Ikea before, and have never been back. We got some throw things, throw pillows, rugs and blankets. Not full size blankets, those throw ones you keep on the end of the bed or the chair or the couch.

Well, not quite 2 years later you could see through the one throw blanket. Everything here is zone heating or cooling so you always need a throw. Guess I wore that one out. I wanted a nice silk one but they are extremely expensive and then I found out about a town a short train ride away where everyone buys their silk. I have not been there yet, but I cannot spend money on something in Shanghai that I know is overpriced.

Recently at the Howard Johnson in Ning Hai I could not regulate the heat/air and I was really in jet lag mode. The room finally got cold versus warm and clammy and I remembered a blanket in the closet. It was a huge down, fluffy, king size blanket. I snuggled in and had a great nap. That is when I remembered I still needed a great blanket for the apartment. The see-through blanket was not enough. I think it is a U.S. thing, you gotta have a great blanket.

Squishy blanket

So on my birthday weekend as we were wandering on (phonetic spelling) Wa Hi Lu I remembered the bedding store on Raijun Road that I had wanted to go into for 2 years. It was fascinating. It seems to be a medium to higher end Chinese store with limited stock. They tried like hell to help me find a blanket. It was hilarious, especially when they showed me the really big towels. I was pantomiming watching television with a blanket. So this is the blanket we ended up with, and I got to see all the prices on the other stuff. When I go back to the stall across the street with the rugs I can check out the blanket prices and quality now. Good deal.

The blanket cost as much as 2 rugs. I am not sure if I got ripped off or not, but I think so. But it was the only blanket I could find in Shanghai after 2 years that was not a piece of shit. I could have gone to Hermes and purchased a cashmere blanket, but you know, I would have to pay duty on that when I move home. And Hermes is cheaper in the U.S. And I don't care for Hermes.


  1. Snuggle is a very important powerful word in my house. When Cooper does not really care to come inside the house when I am standing at the back door, I have learned that all I have to do is ask if he wants to snuggle. Obviously it is one of his favorite words, right up there with cheese. Nothing quite like a 96 pound lap dog.

  2. Yeh great but how did BDs interview go.? I did not understand any of this blog.

  3. Badger, the interview is this Friday. He is interviewing getting responses 2 or 3 times a week. It appears everyone is trying to keep the headcount down for the quarter/or end of year budgets. Prospects look good just takes a lot time in his area of expertise and salary range.

    The blog is about my 2 year hunt for a fucking decent blanket.

    Esby, I have had dogs that told me when it was time to go to bed to snuggle.

  4. Cooper tries to herd us into the same room, either the bedroom when he wants to go to sleep, or he will try to get me to come into the living room where Tamie is, just so he can be between us on the floor. Then he will get a chew rawhide bone and work away at destroying it, while I comment on his progress. We like to play subtle practical jokes on him as well, such as one of us will move to a different chair, and so then he just has to reposition himself back between us. He is a complex interesting mess of mutt.

    Good luck with the job searching for BD. Back when I was searching for continued employment as a chemist/computer nerdski I applied for a few jobs in China, even for a few before I lost my job. Our company had several chemical facilities in the Far East, one of them near Shanghai. But I got turned down for the Shanghai job, it was probably a little too high in management for me. But I had already been studying China & Chinese for several months, so it was a big disappointment. I was more than ready to escape Texas at that point.

    Hah! The word verification was: bilingi - oh, I just cracked up laughing

  5. Oh, blanket! I forgot to tell you my discovery of the past year. I have found that if I wrap up in one sheet then cover my self up with another layer of sheet or two, that seems to be an optimal comfort zone, plus a giant pillow of course. It is far less weight than a blanket and seems to get the temperature just right. Good luck on your ultimate comfort quest.

  6. Oh, I never sleep with a blanket, I only nap with a with a blanket. Or sometimes wrap up in a blanket when I am sick, or watching television or reading. We use the down comforter method, but you need 2 because we fight over the one, it does not matter how big it is we will fight for the most comforter. If I can figure out to get the flash to work properly on the camera I should do a photo shoot of BD and his comforter hogging ways.