Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turkey Day

Big Daddy spilled his guts and informed me he has 7 vacation days left. Wow, of course that is because he just found out this year the lying and thieving Chinese forgot to tell him he had 2 work days when he got home leave. They pay for your tickets, so they have to say 2 days of your trip are work related.

Anyhoo, he is taking off Thanksgiving like a real white person. That is what the Chinese call us, white people, when they are being kind. So we are investigating where to go for Thanksgiving dinner. The prices are totally outrageous and all include what I am pretty sure is a glass of crappy wine.

The cheapest so far seems to be The Roosevelt which is supposed to be the most beautiful and expensive place to get a steak. As dried out turkey and cheap wine is probably served everywhere, I think the most beautiful and historic place is the right way to go. But we are not sure where it is.

First off, even China admits the maps are not the most accurate. And since mostly no one can read a map it is not really a priority to fix this problem. I was pretty sure I knew where it was, and then BD finds this map on the Internet that shows somewhere completely different. And the website is so out of date, well who knows where the fuck this place is. And, blast it all, it is not shown on my scarf.

Investigation is in order here, but first I have to go see if anyone has The Help.

Just an aside, as I regularly rip any movie I see, watched Midnight in Paris with Owen Wilson and it was not bad. It actually had a plot I have not seen before.


  1. I was goin' to say you might want to check your scarf if it was in The City Upon The Sea, but then a few sentences later I saw that you had beat me to it. I tried. 

    The best I can tell is that its in the Bund.

    The House of Roosevelt

    Address: 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu,
    Vicinity: The Bund 
    Directions: near Beijing Dong Lu
    Open: 11:30am-12am 
    Price: Y300-Y399

  2. I missed my perfect chance to use the line, "the oven is in the Bund" - hah, my very first Shanghai joke.

  3. No, the map shows it is opposite the Bund. And I thought it was in the French Concession, where we live. This is going to be a mission now, we have reservations for 5:30. We have never had Thanksgiving dinner that late, but I guess we are lucky to find turkey at here. Oops, not the House of Roosevelt, The Roosevelt. Charging forward in this quest.

  4. The House of Roosevelt actually has three restaurants that appear to luxurious, on the 1st, 2nd and 8th floors. The one on the 8th floor has an Australian Rib Eye that is 300gm or 10oz.

  5. oooH - I just found out there is a 9th floor lounge that is really cooool. Spectacular views.

    I asked Google Earth for driving directions starting from my place in Texas. Step number 108 was interesting:

    108. Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean