Monday, November 28, 2011

The quest for coffee

Hello Kitty home appliances, Chinese love Hello Kitty

I have finally convinced Big Daddy we need a new coffee maker. He did take the hint and he took it apart and did something to the shut-off valve but it leaked a few days later. Finally I had to put my cute little foot down and just tell him, this is fucking ridiculous. These cheap piece of shit machines only last a year and that is the truth of it. My coffee maker at home cost around 400 dollars and it goes for maintenance once a year.

So last night we traipsed over to the local appliance store to look at coffeemakers, they had one. It was a regular, small, electric drip pot. Nope, I can do just as well with the French press models. Now we have to go to the big ball building, they are the other place that has electronics and appliances. It is a huge mall type place and I don't think we can get as good a deal there. Coffee makers are difficult to find here and why coffee is so expensive I believe, they don't drink it very often. Oh, Starbucks is packed but you can buy tea there and those coffee's are all flavored and fancied, not just good coffee.

The reason I let Big Daddy buy all the appliances, or let him think he does, is because he just adores the research and getting the best deal. That and the blue car. We were getting a new car one year and he came home and said it was all worked out, there were 2 cars available, pick which color I liked. One was black sapphire and one was dark auburn. Well, I hate blue. So you can guess which one I brought home. He was aghast! Didn't I look at the brochures he brought home? Well, yes I had and I thought that it was odd to bring them home. I guess I did not listen to how passionately he had described the black sapphire, however in the sunlight it was blue. I heard about that damn car for years. Until he brought me the 18 karat gold, handmade necklace from Italy set with sky blue topaz. Which I immediately loaned to my mother, who loves blue.

And I have rarely set foot on a car lot again. New rules, you buy the shit you want and I will use it, drive it or give it away if it is blue. It has worked out quite well.


  1. I'm sorry you have the blues. What color are BD's eye? Hopefully not blue, or he might be in trouble. I cracked up my wife when she gave me her driver's license for safe keeping for the next few days. I looked down at the GRN on her license and said, "I didn't realize you had gr(ee)n eyes."

  2. Yep, he has blue eyes, only blue I like.

  3. Well there is nothing more important than good coffee - so you need a good coffee maker. Nuff said. And what is this hello Kitty bullshit? I have never understood that in japan let alone anywhere else in the world.

  4. I think you would be happy with all the Hello Kitty pink. I hope you bought a Hello Kitty coffee maker. (and by the way, what IS the fascination? and why does Hello Kitty not have a mouth? is she not allowed to smile or talk?)

    Feel free to send me your blue things, I do love blue. (Please don't try to send me the ocean though, postage would be a bitch.)


  5. The also wear Hello Kitty pajamas in public, starched and ironed or wrinkled, does not matter.

  6. Hmm, I figured that Badger might like Hello Kitty after living with cats. I am pretty sure I might be a fan of 'Hello Puppy' if it eXisted, but I doubt 'Hello Water Buffalo', especially if they were required to be life sized...nothing pink, of course.