Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Too many J's

Just fucked up.

Michael Jackson's lawyer is guilty of manslaughter, well you could kinda figure this one out. You don't put people out, aka, for surgery type shit, in their bedroom.  For big money I guess some people would. But come on, for minimum wage couldn't you have hired a nurses aide to holler at you when he quit breathing? Just cheap.

Joe Frazier died. Just sad. A legend, smokin Joe.

Joe Paterno is in some deep shit. You know this shit started when he was rumored to be pushing his son for his spot. Why did not someone step in and say, Joe, if your son is that good he will get his time in the sun. Just stupid.

Just throw shit until it sticks, Herman Cain. Who knows what really happened? But if it takes finding a pretty blond to go on TV and say he put his hand up her dress, well how hard is that.

Cain just seems to be the next in a long line of not gonna make it Republicans. Michelle, I am just an idiot. Perry, I just can't act like a normal person.  Romney, I am just a person who wants to be the President really, really bad. Newt, just can't go there. Ron Paul, just can't get any respect.

Just so we are straight, the smartest thing Obama ever did was make Hillary his Sec of State, not that she is great at that, just because she can't run against him now.

Eight years of Hillary would be better than four years of Obama, just sayin.

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