Friday, November 4, 2011

I am 50% on Birthday presents

Hand carved plaque I bought in Qiantong, fish and flowers, I am water in Feng Shui talk and need wood in my surroundings. Seemed a perfect match to me.

Birthdays are very emotional for me, we don't need to get into that hot mess, but they seem to go really well or really badly. My countdown started early this year as my birthday is the 5th.

First gift received this week was a lovely bottle of wine from the Howard Johnson in Ning Hai. Of course they did hedge a bit and said it was also to make up for the fact that they woke Big Daddy up at 2AM and tried to get him to change rooms. So, the wine is 50% mine. My second gift was refused. Not by me, but as I received 1 of 2 still at 50% but now the math is getting harder and I have never been good at math.

Big Daddy has been telling his supplier he is very sad for over a week. This is because it is the only way to communicate to them that they are the worst piece of shit ever. He then draws tears on his face and refuses to go to dinner with them. Entertaining really escalates when the job is in the squat toilet.

When Big Daddy left Ning Hai yesterday the supplier tried to give him a bottle of wine for my birthday. Unfortunately the wine was accompanied by hand rolled cigars for BD. So yep, he turned them down. I told him I admired his integrity and they probably gave the loot to the Frenchy. Frenchy called today and said that he had heard how sad BD was and whatever he did worked because the tool shop was busting ass.

Funny of the day: At the train station BD heard someone calling his name. He said it was a little Chinese lady, very young. She told him she worked at the Howard Johnson and was very excited that she could tell everyone at work that she had seen him at the train station. I guess we are popular.


  1. Happy Birthday, Nola! Hope you have a great day, maybe even a 75% day instead of a 50% day. And of course you are popular. You are popular with all your blog readers too, even though we only ever get to see your shoes and ankles. But if I saw those fuschia shoes on an American woman's feet in a crowded hotel lobby in Ning Hai, I would most certainly run after you saying, "Nola Rice! Come back! Can I have your autograph?!"


  2. I hope your birthday goes well this year - have a happy one!

  3. On which "side" of the international dateline were you born (i.e. which continent)? When it's the 4th here its the 5th there, so you should really celebrate your birthday twice, when its the 5th here and the 5th there! Hope you have a wonderful daze.

  4. So far at 9AM it is going great.

    Born in the USA, so it is too late for the double day celebration. But in case it goes downhill don't want two days of hell either.

    Thanks for good wishes Y'all.

  5. I messed up my last set of numbers! When its the 6th at your place in the Far East it will still be the 5th here in the West. Happy Birthday!

  6. Told you I was bad at math, Second day will be optional. I am currently at 1000%.

  7. Congrats! Happy Birthday! Now, if only the cake had been real...The local Asian bakery has cakes that look like real "American" cakes. Do they taste like it?

  8. No Becs, they do not. They are either tasteless or taste like fish. But they are pretty.