Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back to the daily grind

I had a post ready to go but I just did not like it. I tried to like it every day for a few days and I finally had to say no to the post.

I filled my recent days off the grid with a trip to the Gastroenterologist so I could eyeball him before he got up close and personal with the other end. He seemed nice enough and he promised not to yell at Big Daddy so I guess it will be fine. He really did not have any answers to my questions so I am going with I am the only one asking those questions and they are not important. Now we just gotta set it up.

Big Daddy is off to West BFE once again which at the moment is the least of problems, so he is pretty lucky. He is sending mean pictures of the dead birds and pigs to the guy in Shanghai where they are having the maybe yes or maybe no new bird flu. I am hopeful that is not like painting the devil on the sidewalk and he will end up with the face mask and crack cream. Crack cream is for the cracked steel.

My job for the next few days is to check for new water leaks as the April showers are upon us. The slavs for some reason decided to de-grass the dead grass and so now of course have dirt showing in the front yard. I don't know if they seeded or not but when you have temps in the thirty degree range at night and no sunshine and rain like Noah saw, seed is not gonna grow. So I am checking for a mudslide.

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