Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just when you thought it could not get better.

Yes indeed, snow flurries predicted for last evening. And yes it snowed a tad, not much, just enough to make it known that Mother Nature is having bad PMS this season.

The roofer guy came by and saw the problem, he will get to it soon and recommended we put a five gallon bucket under the joist for now. Big Daddy was not sure who he actually hired for the last job so he quizzed this guy and what he did and where he left the old chimney. We will see how crazy this guy thinks we are as he is giving us a quote for painting the upstairs windows.

I have been watching silly TV this week as BD was traveling and yes I am now enamored of Myrtle Manor, thanks Rocky Cat. It seems to be a reality show of Honey Boo Boo's less affluent relatives.

And what is up with guys' hair these days. Punkin Head found out about the clothes when he when wedding shopping-remember when all the ladies clothes looked 2 sizes too small? Well the guys clothes have caught up. And now they all have weirdo foo-foo hair, kinda like styled to look like I went to sleep with wet hair.

Tonight's dinner is shrimp remoulade with homemade white remoulade and split pea soup. We can't decide whether to go with spring or fall.