Friday, April 19, 2013

She works hard for no money

Lenten Rose came back pretty good this year.

I have accomplished a lot this week and nothing I can talk about. Kind of like cleaning lamps, who notices.

This week we have had hail, wind, tornado watches, high 70's and low 40's. Now we are creeping back into the low 40's and waiting for more rain. Of course this was the week that Big Daddy's sun roof decided not to close so he spent one morning waiting for the decision on the loaner car and then the loaner car. They can't find the problem and if it is electrical thank goodness that ride gets turned back in the end of July.

Watched a documentary of Detroit, Detropia-so true.

Remember the guy from Grosse Pointe whose wife died and was found in her car in Detroit then his handyman confessed to the killing and said the husband hired him and then threatened to kill the handyman when he wimped out? Then the wacko Grosse Pointe guy hired a hit man to kill the hit man? Well, this week he was finally charged in the wife's murder-along with a whole slew of other charges and over 300 witnesses. This is gonna be crazy when it goes to trial.

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