Friday, April 26, 2013

I am so glad I pay taxes

Soccer at the schoolyard

Yesterday I got mail, from the State of Michigan. It is about unemployment and how maybe I am approved to get more unemployment as I am one of the poor suckers that cannot get a job and be gainfully employed. I could not look into this until the afternoon as I was trying all morning to seek employment. I had to update my resume and I had 3 telephone conversations regarding this position. It is an okay job, nothing to write home about.

Anyway, in reading the documents I discovered 2 things, I do not remember my pin number and from what I recall without it you dead to MARVIN and if I might get this money there will be a reduction of 10.7 percent of the money for "sequestration" budget cuts.

Why they would give me the money is beyond me, I mean I ran out of benefits and no one wants to hire me. Why is that the governments fault? And then to take 10.7 percent out of this money for sequestration is just plain stupid. I read somewhere that the government has to spend all the money they take in, if true that is stupid. And to lay off air traffic controllers to give me money is beyond insane. Don't know yet if I can get the money, the phone lines are overloaded.

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