Monday, April 15, 2013

The sunshine is a motivator

Preserving the lemons, 12 to a jar.

The sunshine came out this afternoon. I am astonished.

Big Daddy is out shopping for me, he is a good man.

While I was in China I found a great recipe for chicken thighs that we could never make. That is because it required boneless chicken thighs, not possible in China, and preserved lemons. We found the preserved lemons here at Farms Fresh Market and at two lemons in a jar for 6 bucks a jar they were quite pricey. But the recipe was delicious and the lemons were the only expensive part of it. As fast as we found the lemons, also known as pickled lemons, they were no longer available. Everyone was scratching their heads as to why these obscure pickled/preserved lemons were suddenly flying off the shelves.

Dr. Oz.

These pickled lemons are a main ingredient in Moroccan food which "many" are now saying is the key to robust health and long life.

So we pickled our own lemons. Meyer lemons are the best for this exercise. Big Daddy and I fought about that but I explained, Meyer lemons are like blood oranges-short availability. They take about 4-6 weeks to pickle. The pickled lemons last about a year, which would be the fabulous chicken thigh recipe once a month. I am sure we will be trying other recipes and using up our lemons and maybe buying more of the expensive ones, or maybe even trying pickling the common lemons we usually find. It is fun to try new things.

*This is not canning and you need to find a good recipe, my son used "Tart and Sweet", a cookbook and I used a recipe off the Internet.

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