Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Snippets

We had the most wonderful dinner yesterday, white bean soup and Crab Louis. Oh my goodness it was sumptuous. I have a new cookbook/lifestyle book by Julia Reed, Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns, and Other Southern Specialties. She writes as much about the food and she made me hungry as heck for the crab. And many other things, good food inspiration for the coming month. But damn, lump crab is crazy expensive.

Do you remember the piece of shit iPod I had in China that would never work right and only had a couple songs to play? For some reason it is now in my family room and playing Beach Boy songs I do not remember downloading, ever.

My roof is fixed and we will know if this is done properly as it is raining again today.

Yesterday I had Big Daddy take out the storms and put in the screens. It was heaven. In the past he always opened the windows way too early and I froze my ass off. This year I was napping in bliss and he was chilly. Some of the outdoor furniture is out and the umbrella is up and still looks pretty damn good.

Lastly, another Sammy dog story. I was rubbing Sammy's belly and I found a bump. Now it is my position that bumps on a dog be taken care of by someone other than myself as I am always afraid they are a tick. I do not live in a tick area and have never had a dog with a tick here. It seems to reason that it would be a tick. Well, BD checked and he said it is not a tick. It is in an area where Sammy constantly licks himself and BD thinks it something from the licking, like an ingrown hair. Last night while I was rubbing the exact opposite side from the bump I found another bump. I think Sammy has licked himself a set of nipples.

Sammy is going to get his teeth cleaned tomorrow so he can also get a nipple check.

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