Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brown pants R us

These little spring blooms had a short life, hail got them.

I had to help my mom turn her 2 poodles over to a rescue shelter this week. As she is in Florida and I am in Michigan it took some diligent phone calling. A neighbor stood up to help her and drove her over and she managed to get the job done with a minimal of tears.  She said she cried it all out in the time before the turnover. The fact they were both spayed, up-to-date and freshly groomed did not hurt. Hopefully they will find new homes soon.

Mr. RV, my mom's soul mate was hospitalized and then transferred to Bradenton Florida for heart surgery, so hands are full this week. She is depending on the kindness of others for rides. That reminds me I need to do laundry and dig out summer fat clothes in case I need to make a quick trip down there.

My roof guy has had to postpone his repairs as one of his helpers was blown off a roof last week. I am glad the bucket is working. Why would anyone go on a roof in an unusual windstorm? WTF.

Sad of the day:

Trying to explain to my hairdresser being mother of the groom, it is like when they are toddlers and you go shopping and have to admit your choices in clothes are black, blue or brown pants. That is it. Learn to live with it. I am all brown pants. Of course being my hairdresser she said I will have the best hair at the wedding.

Hilarious funny of the day: Just when you thought my dog was not a genius-

So Sammy Dog is begging to go out and tugs and pulls and drags Big Daddy to the black dogs house. He does the peeing around then goes right to the spot next the driveway--just where the black dog can look out his doorwall--and stands there with his leg hiked, like he is peeing. Only he is not peeing, he is posing. He posed for a few minutes until the black dog saw him and went berserk. Then Sammy Dog turned around and barked a few sharp retorts to the black dog and turned his back and trotted away. God, I wish I spoke dog, I am sure he said fuck you and your old lady too.

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  1. THe fact that your dog poses for the other dog cracks me up. :-)