Friday, June 14, 2013

God willing and the creek don't rise

My lunch interview went wonderful and I should be getting an offer soon. And I will take it unless the money is so bad I have to borrow to pay for gasoline. I should start in a week so I must get all of my "things" in order. As a contractor I supply my own stuff and must stock up on things like orange safety vests, pens and small notebooks, scales (for measuring) and I must get Microsoft Office. I never put it on this computer, so I must as this company does a lot of PowerPoint. I also need to call my accountant about what I can write off and therefore must keep track of. The best thing is I do not get nor do I need business cards. I used to hate giving cards to people, just means they are going to call you. And some of those people I do not want to talk to just anytime.

When I was blow drying my hair this morning (to take it back to the regular notch) I decided it was way past time for a hair cut and if I can't get one I will hack it off myself. Sometimes it just takes a minute to make your hair too long.

Sammy Spanky dog has had a turn around with Big Daddy. Yesterday we sitting on the porch waiting for him to get home from the airport and when Sammy saw the car pulling into the driveway he started squealing like a pig and crying like a girl. WTF, that is disgusting.


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    1. Almost, not counting my chickens before they hatch. But it sounds like I will get the offer next week. I think if I had taken the last minute meeting this week I might have started this Monday. Hurray.

  2. My sister picked out every dog in this house, and every one made a complete fool of itself over her husband.

    1. Dogs are ever changing and mysterious creatures.