Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Snippets

This is the necklace The Fiance picked, Big Daddy bought this one in China at a jewelry shop in Shanghai run by Australian, he made his own jewelry and this one is a copy of a Cartier piece.

How to make friends, when I said my dress looked like it would be too long Big Daddy told me not to worry "it would spread out and look shorter on". It fits so now we must find the accessories and underwear. Sheesh I am not enjoying this.

Big Daddy made Sammy Dog's appointment at the Heartbreak Hotel and he can take his prison bed with him. And the prices are the same as before.

Punkin Head is in a mad search for his birth certificate. I guess Vermont is a no waiting state but he has to prove he was born. He told me in his research of all things "getting married" he discovered there are two states that allow secret marriages, Michigan and California. We can't figure why anyone in Michigan would need one.

Work is fine and yes I am getting a few laughs. I tried to call one of the quality contacts and learned that I had called his outdoor phone. When the launch team got sent here they gave them all phones. The phones do not work in the plant so they gave them an additional phone for indoor use. Indoor and outdoor phones. And they wonder why we still begrudge them the tax dollars.

I tried to get some document taken care of and found we could not because we had not Looked Hard and Fast. After I confirmed this was actually something real I reported back to my boss, who thought I was pulling a fast one.

I visited one of the companies we are second tier to and was informed no one stops at the stop signs and traffic lights. No wonder, this is one of the worst areas I have ever been to and I have been to some hell holes. I am savvy to the rolling stops but this place is at the end of a neighborhood street where everyone sits on the stoop or the balcony and the burned out houses abound. Need a baseball cap in the car for this one, no need to flash the blond hair.

My trip is postponed until Tuesday so I might not have any more exciting news for a few days.

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  1. First, the necklace is exquisite. If I wore jewelry, I would covet it.

    And, your stories from the front are hilarious.

    Good luck to PH and the BC. Does he have time to get a copy? I almost said "get a new one," but he's done that once.