Saturday, June 29, 2013

Its been busy

Everyday after I get home from work I tackle the laptop putting in reports and making calls and generally getting to know how things are done. It is not going to be easy for a while.

My phone will not work in the one quiet area of the plant that has seats and to which I have access. I have another year on my contract. If I sit down I have to step out into the hall every 15 minutes and check for VM.  If I get a tablet for my own entertainment I would have to use another carrier. Rats.

Mr. No Fun has been caught with his pants down a few times, not literally, and I think I have learned all he has to tell. It will be interesting when the plant comes back up, it is shut down for 2 weeks and I am taking a road trip with the big boss Monday to north BFE. He thinks it is a 3 hour drive and I am thinking 4 and a half, should be fun.

My Internet orders arrived and I now have the dress for the wedding in hand. I will look at it today and laugh or cry.

I need to finish up my reporting and get the information in to get paid-the most important-and see what I missed on TV all week. Going to bed at 8 every night and getting up at 3:30 or 4, depending on the pilot builds, does not leave much time for Reality TV.

Sammy prison update:

He is used to the new routine but greets me when I get home with his toy in his mouth crying and whimpering and then takes his position in front of the gate fussing until I take the gate down. Then he shoots to his family room bed as if that means he is in another world.

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