Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dastardly demonic government

I have not written much about my BFF, Florida Girl and her cancer. It is too raw, and she hates it, and it is private pain. But dammit to hell when my tax dollars are misused I get all pissed off and cranky.

She is going to die if she does not get treatment. Her lousy insurance company denied her coverage, they were lousy before this problem. So now in order to get treatment, which is now 2 weeks behind schedule, she has to get a divorce and a change of address. WTF. And then she can get food stamps and everything in the world.

All she needed was Chemo. And treatment. And Obamacare won't and would not help as she is just not poor enough. And her chemo is $7,000.00 per treatment and the other medication is $1,000.00 a dose.

Rat Fuckers.

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