Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And we are off and running

Mr. No Fun got the ball rolling as Mr. Big Boss called and asked me when I told him I could start. I told him Monday, so naturally he asked if I could start tomorrow, which is today. He does this every time, neglects to call when he says and asks if I can do something right now or tomorrow. At least I know what to expect. So anyhoo I start tomorrow. I have had 2 phone calls with Mr. No Fun outlining what I need to know and do, one call from my Direct Boss, and one call from one of the plants. And I haven't even started yet. Plant Arrogant wanted my contact information at 6 this morning so thank goodness Mr. No Fun said no, you can have it when she comes in.

Yesterday I bought shoes I am not sure I like, Clark's as Ecco did not have any appropriate styles and I am just not sure they are going to work out. I also bought Clark's socks on sale for 4 bucks a piece and guaranteed for life. I asked just how that worked, you know ratty old socks with a hole and she said just bring them back and you get a new pair, no questions asked. This has to be the best socks ever or a great loss leader.

I need more pants, but I have enough for now.

I am so excited.


  1. Excellent. Love the sock deal. I have a love/hate relationship with socks.

    Tell your librarian son I once was the buyer of all English language books in Freiberger Library, CWRU. I marked them neatly in pencil on an inside page with the purchasing information. I wonder how many are still on the shelves.

  2. Congrats on the new gig, despite Mr. No Fun.