Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boring Mr. No Fun

If I get this job it will be just as entertaining as I recall. I got a call yesterday from boring Mr. No Fun, I used to work with him and know the routine. He informs me he will be training me next week and can I come in this week. He just brushed off the fact I have not been hired and seemed to think all would be fine. I told him to go talk to the boss man about getting me hired first. Twice during the interviews it has been mentioned that Mr. No Fun seems to irritate people. I do not acknowledge the statements but internally I am thinking about how amazed I am no one has killed him yet. He has no people skills and I cannot imagine him doing this job. He also thinks he is pretty smart and the last I knew he could not read a blue print so I wonder if he took some classes or is just bullshitting people.

And he is not aware of the fact that the first time I went to Plant Arrogant I had basic directions, its kinda around there were the exact directions, went to the hood by myself, got in by myself and fixed the problem. So his training may not be needed so much, especially if no one likes him.

I went today and got about 4 inches chopped off my hair. There is no way I could deal with that hair every morning. And I had to admit the hair on my head did not match the picture of the hair in my head.

I do have my orange vest and I am getting my fanny pack ready for use. I will take pictures when I get it all together.