Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Snippets

After experiencing the worst customer service ever at Sak's and Neiman Marcus I had the beginnings of an IBS situation coming on. Went home and ordered a dress for the wedding from Nordstrom. Tomorrow I will go to Nordstrom if possible because I also need shoes and work clothes. Shoes only from Nordstrom, clothes from Chico's as they fit this weird shape I have become.

We ordered the truffles for the wedding from Gayle's Chocolates. 2 in a cute little box, silver to match the wedding colors but with a bright coral ribbon which is on order. One truffle is champagne as that is The Fiancee's favorite drink and one is espresso as Punkin Head is a coffee nut. These are the dessert/favors for the rehearsal dinner.

Today I am making the meatloaf extravaganza for Big Daddy as he did not get his fave dinner on his birthday. I am also gonna teach him how to make it. It is quite involved but worth the effort.

PH got his dad 2 Ove Gloves for Father's Day and BD is in heaven. They are the cat's ass. Morimoto was using them last night on on some Iron Chef show, tossing around a fully cooked and hot suckling pig using just the gloves to protect for the heat. Yowza.

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