Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Snippets

The last of the Peonies

Monday I need to go to Gayles Chocolates in Royal Oak and check out the truffles and possible shipping to Vermont. I did not care for the Vermont chocolates and I feel we need some Michigan representation anyway. I just hope the candy is as good as it used to be.

Then I need to go look for rings at estate jewelers as we are not having much luck in the wedding band situation.

We recently noticed that all of our movie collection consists of VHS tapes. We do have a machine that runs both VHS and CD and might even copy, but we can't figure that out. So, we need a CD library as one of the changes in the television industry is that just are not random movies shown  anymore unless you pay extra for everything. The package we have is quite expensive and on has HBO for a premium channel and the other stations aren't that great from the TV listings. And Netflix does not have it all. So Big Daddy went on Ebay and got our favorite, Up In The Air for 49 cents. We won't know which language it is in until we get it.

Just went through a reading week with the old favorite authors with new books, Stuart Woods, James Patterson and John Sanford. Sanford was the best, thick book full of meaty stories. I am out of books so BD is going to the library for some Duchess of Windsor reading, she has piqued my interest lately.

Sammy dog has been full of himself all morning Grring at BD and doing the stare down. I had to remind BD that in Sammy's mind he was here first. A year ago I brought him into my home and BD was in India, a short time later the interloper showed up and started sitting in mommy's chair and on Sammy's sofa and well, he has never really gotten over it.

Oh, and Major Crimes starts the new season Monday night on TNT, not a bad show.


  1. That's interesting about Sammy. All the dogs in our house wind up adopting my brother-in-law as the alpha, no matter who brings them home. I believe he has not been around for the procurement of a dog in 30 years, and the one he did pick then was completely insane, ate the entire house, including door jams. Had to be returned to breeder.

    1. Sammy does know that it is BD's job to take him out in the morning and feed him. He won't ask him, he sits next to me and softly Grrrs until I tell BD to take him out. It is hilarious.

  2. The dog is Grrring.

    I love that.