Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The week of problems

The Casa Monica had original artwork for sale on the walls.

If you remember my car not starting fiasco, I do not think I reported that it was NPF, or in our world No Problem Found. Well a week or so ago the same damn thing happened to Big Daddy. Now I know I am not crazy and that damn car needs to be fixed. So I have a broken remote start on my car.

Comcast demanded we had to get a new modem and they of course sent it to us for self install and guess what, it does not work properly. I cannot get a normal phone call. I get half a ring and then nothing but the caller continues to hear it ringing. The Comcast guy is coming Saturday morning between 8 and 9.

Now the Comcast On Demand is not working properly.

The oldest schoolhouse in America.

Oh yes, lest I forget, my brother is just out of ICU and probably dying. I have never met him and my sister keeps calling me with updates. I have met the sister. She was encouraging me to call my brother and chat about God knows what. I asked her if she really thought that was a good idea. If you were in the hospital, maybe dying, sick for your entire life with a horrible disease and suddenly the sister you have never met starts calling, well I just think that might be kinda creepy. If he asked me to call, of course, but that is a different story.

And to top it off it seems quite a few of our plants have decided to ship shit parts and we are having to sort, rework, and explain this shit. They do not accept "the parts are fucked up" as an explanation. They want to know why. Well, you know what-I would like to know that too. We may never know. But we make up pretty stories and everyone smiles and nods and we pretend this is all A-Okay.

Bizarre of the day:  If you have ever seen a turnstile, bars and they turn in circles, they are made to keep it difficult to do more than push through to the other side. Everyday I see people, workers, standing on one side of the turnstile and food delivery people standing on the other side shoving food between the horizontal bars. One container at a time. Usually one person picks up the order for the entire team, so there could be 8 plus orders shoved between these bars. The thing is, these people could just as easily badge out, go through the turnstile, pay and pick up the food, and come back through the turnstile in a lot less time. They give drug tests to work in these plants, not IQ tests.


  1. Drug tests, not IQ tests, LMAO, to throw in another acronym. A phone company I did not now provided service in our area apparently is not responding to a phone problem with one of the township residents. He wants me to write a letter to them. It's an epidemic.
    I love your bad parts stories. Please tell us you know they get bad parts at Honda and Toyota, too.

    1. Joanne, we ship to everybody. Honda and Toyota do not get their parts on Mars, as I was told by a Ford guy. Sometimes the reason for the bad parts is the customer demanded parts to be a certain way, a way that made sure bad parts could be manufactured.

  2. I have four half-brothers that I've never met and if I were seriously ill, one of the last things I would want would be having them calling me to chat. I already have people in my family not calling me. I see no need to reverse the trend.

    1. I think sister was just freaking out-my dysfunctional family is her only paternal blood relatives left after her mom and brother dies. I think she feels her sisters are a band that kinda leaves her out. And I am so sorry about that, but understand it completely.