Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The hatred continues; Comcast is Horrid

Now Comcast is calling asking us to hold for them to tell us why they are not shitheads.  Big Daddy is now in charge of Comcast, he went in person and if this new modem does not fix it they will send out the truck-maybe. I have heard this shit before.

Sephora just told me they lied, they cannot adjust my purchase to include my VIB status discount. They will add it to my account and God willing and the creek don't rise I will get a discount on my next mascara if I need one before I die. I am starting to get the not happy shopping mojo.

My (auto) plants are not happy and the Supervisor is still cranky. He does not seem to understand if I wanted to work nights and weekends I would be at Plant B. I am part time and working off-shift for straight time is not in the cards for me. My operator peeps are all happy with me right now, makes my life so easy.

However Production Control, the people who order parts to build the vehicles, they hate me. They were supposed to order new parts after they said all my parts were BAD. We were supposed to send information and a truck to pick up the parts. Nothing happened. Last night they had to use the "suspect" parts and there were no failures. And today a shipment showed up at our plant-out of the blue-with no paperwork. WTF, this is why I laugh about all the people saying how great it was the government saved the auto industry---but made them accountable. Yea right, and pigs fly.

But it was nice to see a woman selected to run GM, she can't be any worse than the previous asshats and she might be a damn sight better.

Well, I went to the store because I had to get a Christmas card for my one new Christmas card friend. Actually my only Christmas card friend. And as I did not trust Big Daddy I got 2 gallons of windshield juice, good to 20 below and a big snow brush and scraper combo. And I was right, we needed them.

Tomorrow, my Ebay extravaganza.


  1. Agree on that. Women leaders are better than their male counterparts.

  2. Reading your blog I actually wonder how any cars ever get built. I agree about the new chief of GM - I expect that she will be brilliant - and not have her head up her ass like many previous bosses.

    1. Truly there are days when I marvel that all the vehicles start up and are driven off the line. But right now I am not at the best of the best, soon I will be and then things will change up a bit. But, there is always the snafu right around the corner.