Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine

Rather trashy looking but very comfortable.

Everything on the bed was washable, and that is my number one "gotta have it".  The room itself was okay-especially when you consider the price-expected a bit more than okay. But the location was the best in town and if you are a walker-there is no better place to be. Room was not small but there was only one chair and a couch, so when we ordered room service-what to do? They solved that by bringing two trays. And as there was no chance of eating anywhere in town the Friday after Thanksgiving, we shut up and were grateful for fuel for our bodies. Room service food was not great.

The hotel was fine, but for top dollar prices they were lacking in many ways. Bar was too small, especially when you have weddings, too few staff and the staff that was on duty tended to be cranky.

But the real beauty of the hotel, you are within walking distance of everything downtown. And the restaurant was pretty darn good. The Hunters Platter in the Bar was worth my money and we slept very well.

Odd thing about the hotel, no CNN. Not that I missed Piers.

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