Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Big Trip part one

Adrienne Vittadini ballerina shoe in black crystals with a leather bow.

You may wonder why I am featuring my foot in this shoe with that god awful carpet, well that is me waiting to go to Portland. In the second gate waiting area which was way smaller than the first one.

That day was the best I have ever felt about Delta Airlines. As we are sitting and waiting to board the pilot comes on the PA at the ticket counter and says, "That plane is no good". Then he babbled about looking around the airfield to find a plane with no where to go, and then he said "Hang on, the phone is ringing", and sure as shit we had a new plane. We got in a couple hours late and all was fine. They even brought a snack/beverage cart to the gate area where we were waiting and everyone lined up like we were waiting in the desert and had not had a little drink of soda or a pretzel in days and days instead of a few fucking minutes.

The flight was fine, Punkin Head picked us up and took us to the Benson Hotel and we had Christmas dinner. The dinner was fine, the service was bizarre and we got to bed around 1 AM Detroit time. And we barely slept all night. I have no idea why this happened, the bed was actually fantastic, the room was great. Just a real hard time sleeping for both of us.

Memorable gift giving, the kids loved their J Peterman navy watch hats and Punkin Head loved his red socks. The kids got me a beautiful vintage picture frame with their wedding photo-really nice. When we were packing to leave Big Daddy was packing a tie and I had to stop him and give him his Christmas, a red tie and red socks. He loved them. He then had to give me my present, Tahitian pearl earrings, which are lovely but they did not make the trip.

I got my hair done today-back home-and it is just too damn cold and getting colder. It is supposed to snow tonight. We are staying in and having tapas and snacks for dinner and I sincerely doubt we will see the ball drop in real time.

Tomorrow part two of the Big Trip.


  1. I was walking by a gate to Portland on Christmas Day and it reminded me of the blog Murrmurrs by Murr Brewster, usuaLLy an enjoyable read.


    1. Yes, I read her too, excellent reading.

  2. What a great pilot. Happy new year to you and to him, too.

    1. Those were his exact words, had to love it.