Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I am so thankful I have great insurance

Well the doctor visit went well, I have medications out the wazoo and am starting to feel better. It was a sinus thing and I learned something new. The behind the counter sinus decongestion pills are supposed to work in 4 days or less, if they have not-quit taking them. I also got a new nasal spray from the dentist, XLEAR all natural and drug free sinus care spray. I am afraid of those neti pots, heard of too many instances of introducing bacteria if the container and everything associated with it is not pristine. Of course, that is also why I fed my child canned formula, I was too afraid of the powder. I mean, just how far do you need to go with the sterilizing shit.

The picture above is the last batch of the Buckeyes, actually experimental Buckeyes. Buckeyes are boring. You make the peanut butter centers and roll them into balls. Then you dip them in semi-sweet chocolate (dashed with a bit of coffee crystals) and that is it. They tasted fine, just boring. So when I had enough for the plant folks we went into experimental mode. I tried some sea salt to perk them up and when that was done I just could not dump out the remaining chocolate, so I dumped in a half a can of salted cashews and some dried cranberries. We will see.

Update, the plant folk loved, loved, loved the Buckeyes. Guys were walking around telling each other how utterly divine they were. It was hilarious. But, really those are the sweetest things I have ever eaten. And they have to be 500 calories apiece. All the rest of the candies are going out tomorrow to Big Daddy's work and my other plant.

I had a learning experience at work today, tubes. Tubes are fascinating. Did you know if aluminum rubs together it creates a black greasy mark? Who knew.

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