Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Just a few last minute bits before The Big Trip

I got a manicure and pedicure.

Decorations on the lockers at the plant.

A random Christmas tree in the plant.

I have just one rant-able item for the year. Men with trendy facial hair that is gray. Gray hair on your face is not attractive, sexy, or in any way helpful to making old geezers look hot to younger women. Unless they use "Just for Men" but that is a whole 'nother ugly story.

Just one last Comcast report before Christmas, last night they called Big Daddy at 8:30 PM on his cell phone (the home phone does not work) and asked him if he was satisfied with his exemplary service. Well, you know Big Daddy is much more calm than I am and he kinda went off on them. The hilarious part was when they told Big Daddy he could not talk to them that way. You make the call and you roll the dice on whether the recipient of your glad tidings wants to converse with your sorry ass.

We are packing and trying on clothes and talking with Punkin Head and in general getting ready. We might have a trip to some falls in the Columbia Gorge so I am guessing some appropriate clothes are in order for that segue from town.

The kids are picking us up at the Portland airport, the reservations for dinner are made, Sammy the Spanky Dog is at the Heartbreak Hotel. Oh, we had to tell them about cooking his dinner. They said he did not eat well last time and then we remembered. Did we tell them to add hot water to his food? Did we tell them to stand there as he is watching and tell him it is cooking?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and I will report on the trip if possible. If not a bunch of pics when we get back.


  1. The Columbia River gorge--that was awesome. Roll on Columbia, roll on...
    A happy Christmas to everyone.