Thursday, December 5, 2013

A little change in the weather

Last day in St. Augustine the weather was beastly and today I can say the same for SE Michigan.

Day started out good, you can always tell when you take Sammy Dog for his first pee how the day is gonna start. It was downright balmy for the first pee of the day. It is now biting cold wind looking as gray as in this picture. Just no palm trees, leafless Maples are swaying in the dance of the winter chills.

I now have 2 different coats, hats, gloves in the car. No boots yet and the cashmere scarf from China will be the winter scarf- it is long, light and warm.

I received the first of the Christmas presents yesterday and it was exciting.

My current supervisor and I had out first dust-up today. I ignore quite a lot-this is a temporary situation and he is just kinda weird. Today he directed me to go talk to this person about a written issue. He seemed somewhat steamed that I had not seen the email. I only get access to email over my phone in the plants and it is not that easy. He fails to understand this as he is a direct employee and company provides his phone and makes sure he can get his email. Whatever. The person he sent me to talk to blew up at me. Boss boy get the message wrong and blew up the Internet with incorrect emails I had never seen, and well it was not pretty. When I told him, he blew up at me. Whoa Nelly and back up the truck. I am not his whipping boy and told him so. He then declared he had not blown up. Well, I saw that mushroom cloud. It is all gone now, but he needs to shrug some of this nonsense off.

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