Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dumb Stuff

Everyday I see the most ignorant shit on the highways and byways to my work. One road is especially bad and naturally it is in that spot that is sketchy, not quite the hood-but real close.

Today there was a small yucky car, not quite a hoopty, but close. It was sitting in the middle of 3 lanes going southbound as if it was in it's own little driveway. No flashers, no brake lights, no person outside the car waving don't hit us (it is 35 miles on hour posted) and what comes up right behind them, a big ass semi truck. I don't know how that semi stopped in time with no warning.

Yesterday there were 2 pick um up trucks stopped in this area, again to lights and stuff. But aha, I espied the chain connecting the vehicles and surmised someone was trying to illegally tow the other one away. Were there flares? No.

Today I stopped behind a bus at the stoplight, leaving what I consider to be just normal stopping space. The next thing I know this women is trying to pass between me and the bus to get to a fast food joint and I swear I am amazed there is no extra paint on the front fascia.

So now when I hear that someone has died by being hit by a car when they exited their vehicle, I don't feel all that bad anymore.

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  1. That did not come out quite right, I meant people doing stupid shit are prolly getting hit because of all the stupid shit.