Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stupid things I have done 2013

 Packed backless slide patent leather Mephisto shoes for a trip to Montreal at Christmas. Yes, I was at the Aldo sale the next morning. Bought boots and socks.

For years packed "prancers" as Punkin Head called them, on all vacations and could barely walk through the airport much less the cobblestone streets of New Orleans. This of course started my love affair with the Aerosoles store in Jackson square and my devotion to moleskin from Walgreens. 

Somehow got my hair light blond at 18 and decided to go back to my natural brown due to the maintenance. Hair turned emerald green. It was a conversation piece.

Moved (into our condo) in high heels and a cashmere sweater. But that is just me.

I cannot drink any alcohol with bubbles. So one night after a lovely dinner at Brennan's on Royal Street I walked to Antoine's and ordered Cherries Jubilee for one and a glass of champagne. Yes, I was a mess the next morning. And yes, you can get Cherries Jubilee for one if you are outrageous.

Married my first husband to escape from home and ended up having to ask to move back home. That was not a happy time. Or conversation.

Bought a 45 pound Toy Yorkshire Terrier. I did talk a friend into taking the dog, who talked another friend into taking the dog, and somehow this dog came up stolen.  Many years ago and I have changed. I would never buy a 45 pound toy dog again.

This is from Big Daddy, when we were first married we lived in a farmhouse in BFE, well one day I was screaming in the bathroom and when he ran in I told him the bathroom was going to flood because the sink was overfilling. He reached in and pulled the plug on a chain out of the hole. Guess I momentarily forgot how to work the plug on a chain.

This reminds me of my grandmother, Ruby Begonia, you remember the woman who carried a gun in her purse that my mother thought was a toy gun? She was frugal and one trip has fried chicken she hid in her purse (with the gun). She was stunned that the dog, Mr. Big, a real toy Poodle not only found the chicken, but snuck it out and ate it.

I am sure I will remember more or commit more faux pas in 2014.


  1. My major mistakes in 2013 were: (if you discount moving to Indiana)

    Driving to DC at Thanksgiving - and then to SC

    Traveling in the USA in winter

    But I have learned some valuable lessons for the year ahead.

    1. You are still a pup in the US, you are learning and will be just fine.

  2. My stupidest thing for 2013 was trying to wrestle a feral cat into a carrier.

    1. You were too brave and just trying to get the damn job done.