Friday, January 24, 2014

It is just too damn cold for me

I do not have the clothes for this weather. I am not besties with the woman who owns the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe and is also the heiress to the Carhartt fortune. I need one of those orange suits. Walking to and from my car is a fucking frozen nightmare. It is ridiculously freezing cold. No shit, it is cold.

My walk into work is no joke, it is an assembly plant parking lot and I park in the very back and at one plant I cross a major thoroughfare. Today I wore: tights under jeans with knee high socks, a long sleeve tee and sweater with my poly plastic orange safety vest, a down coat to my knees with a cashmere scarf, knit hat, and North Face huge gloves, along with sunglasses and the hood up on my down coat and it was not enough. What fucking more can I wear?

Tonight I am looking for an old winter coat from Dennis Basso, and a fur hat and I am buying Uggs and leggings and more fur and whatever looks warm as this is supposed to go on into February. Problem is, just how much does one invest in these cold weather togs that are usually not needed here in Motown.

And I have to cart all the stuff I bring into the plant with me, maybe I need a new roller bag. And I hear there is stuff called hand warmers and foot warmers and always the old standby---Pearl's baked potato in your pocket. I would attach that post if I remembered how.


  1. Don't knock the hand and foot warmers. May be none left at Ace Hardware. They always were in my emergency kit when I did outdoor shows that should be warm and weren't. And I was the hero when I shared them with newbies and southerners.