Thursday, January 23, 2014

When your stuff breaks

I have 3 broken things now. Yes, the Comcast is still broken and Big Daddy is laying in the sun in Mexico pretending to work while I am slugging it out here in the frozen Motor City. So that one is BD's baby and he will pay for every extra minute I am forced to endure the asshats.

My car is still broken, the auto start, but now I am thinking my Verizon phone is also on the fritz. When I called people on the Sync in the car it starting calling what I thought was random people. I am now thinking it called the last call made regardless of my voice instruction. I thought it was the Sync. Now I am thinking it is the phone as it happened again when I made the call from the phone.

Maybe this is a multi virus situation and I am just a growing infection of crap.

Tomorrow it is supposed colder than cold and 50 mile an hour wind gusts. They expect the electric to go out. I think this might be a snow day. I have new respect for Pearl and the Minnesota peeps who live in this weather year after year. I think it is because their brains are frozen and have never really thawed out.


  1. I'd say our brains have frozen, too, except when we bake them come summer. My Verizon phone goes to random apps when a synched call ends. Personally, I don't care, as long as it doesn't throw in porn. Don't freeze tomorrow.

  2. Jeezuz - what does it take in your town to get the Comcast fixed? Here is is there coldest I have ever been apart from Lapland.