Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gotta finish my trip report

This is a statue of Joan of Arc, and according to Punkin Head it is exact to the original in Paris. He says the guy in Oregon had a bunch of money and wanted it---and the mold had not been broken so he purchased a statue to exactly match--same mold. Kinda cool, huh.

She is in a round-a-bout and that is her flag flying above the bushes.

That is a window that Punkin Head can look out of while he is being a librarian at his college job. I must say it is a beautiful campus.

This is where the river otter lives and people claim to have seen him catching and eating salmon once in a great while.

Best meal we had was at the Country Cat, I think on the east side across the river from downtown, it was fabulous. And the least expensive meal we had.

Tomorrow we will wrap it up with the Pittock Mansion and homeward bound.

Today Big Daddy Y2K'ed us while I got a pedicure and we are hoping to be okay for the big freeze.  The lake is already iced over and piling up on shore, which most years we never even see. We are predicted to get between 6 to 12 inches, maybe 14 inches. We will be lucky to see 1 degree F. Lows to minus 18.

As Big Daddy says, BRRR Cold.


  1. Yea, keep warm. This will end, but not soon enough.

    1. Everyday the weather report pushes relief back by one day, not gonna be a fun week.