Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Pittock Mansion and trip finis

Local Portland artists decorated the mansion for Christmas and it was lovely. I chose the least common decorations to photograph. And the mansion rooms are not that large, I actually thought the way it was set up and the number people that were allowed in at one time it was a huge fire hazard.

For some reason all the landscaping was missing from the front entrance.

Okay, this photo reminds me of one my brother showed me of Elvis at a concert. If you look real hard in the middle of the slit in the clouds you can see Mt. Hood. This is from the edge of the grounds.

Big Daddy looking excited about the tour.

If you look in the branches you will see what looks like an alien but is actually a bronze statue, I think Punkin Head said is really rare, like the Statue of Liberty. It looks much better in person but I think you would have to be a really good photographer to get a great shot of this one.

The flight home was uneventful, this time the tables were reversed and BD got to waltz through security and I had to go through the messy throng of traveling families without my shoes by myself.

And if I hear one more mother to tell her snotty little kid to use his indoor voice/words/whatever the fuck they say---more than 10 times--(because obviously it is not working) I am gonna become unglued and tell that bitch to use her "I am gonna take you out and put you in my suitcase" stare and tell those little shits that the rest of their lives are not be peaches and cream but worms and snails, and nails and puppy dog tails that have been removed from the puppies.

Oh, give me a break, you hate those whiny mothers and ill mannered children too.

Now to wait and see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Do you know you can make small children snivel and cry by staring at them without blinking. A small revenge. Sadly, it must be done surreptitiously.

    1. No, good intel, I do remember a tiny Chinese boy looking at me and screaming. I think it was the blonde hair. He was truly frightened of me.