Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

I am angry with my supervisor, nothing to talk about just put me in a bad mood so I am looking over old notes to crack myself up.

This picture is from when the snow first started, see that odd little path . . . well Big Daddy was babbling about Mr. Slav and his snow removal efforts for the entire block. I thought BD said Mr. Slav got a new snow blower and was trying it out. Nope, he got a new snow SHOVEL and shoveled the entire sidewalk for the block plus a little extra for each house.

I climbed a volcano when I was in Portland, Mt. Tabor. It is dormant and people live on parts of it and it does not have a crater, but still a volcano in a major city is pretty cool. Nothing to see when I got up there as the weather was very overcast. Not being an outdoor gal I thought I did great, and I was the only person in a fur jacket going the route. I left new red Christmas handbag with Big Daddy and he almost got picked up with such a refined accessory, he of course could not remember where I purchased the bag. I would have had pictures but I left the phone in the bag.

This guy started to talking to me at the plant recently and I think he had to build up his courage. His English is not too good. He is Mr. Yugoslavia and he was sad he could not travel to his homeland for Christmas, not enough time. He said he needs 3 weeks for the trip. His old job he used to get 5 weeks vacation and now as a Tier 2 assembly plant worker he gets 1 week and must take it during any plant scheduled shutdown. I of course was very nice to him, I cannot stand people who are not kind to others, but I had to wonder what his old job was.

Well, the first thing to break during the start of the new year was my Oreck vacuum cleaner. It is over 25 years old and has been fixed many a time. This time the handle fell off and I thought for sure it was a goner, but nope-Banks Vacuum is fixing it one more time.

The second thing to break was of course my Comcast service. Now, I can't fault anyone with this frigid weather for a problem but wouldn't you know it, when it was restored my Internet failed again the next day, all the other service was good. So the lady on the phone sent a blip to our monitor and turned it back on and guess what? The phone kinda half ass works. We still get the br instead of the brrring, but now we get a br for every ring instead of just the one initial br. Still won't go to the answering machine though.

I have been checking and our next unscheduled vacation is the end of April and I am thinking Savannah, Georgia. Could be a good thing. I am reading up on the city and I got a tip from our bartender in Jacksonville--he is from Savannah--flying into Jacksonville can be a huge dollar difference and it is only a 2 hour drive. Many people stay at the hotel for early morning/late arrivals. It was a Crowne Plaza and fine as long as you don't eat there. Just don't do it. We turned the car in before we were aware of this. Flight crews stay there, I wonder where and how they eat.


  1. I'm angry with my non supervisor, who is a bully of the worst kind. I cheered myself up by telling everyone I was resigning on March 31st. Seeing how long that takes to get back...
    I can't imagine climbing to the top of the next hill, let alone a volcano. In a fur coat and no red handbag. Way To Go.

  2. I do what I must, it wasn't that much of a climb. Big Daddy could not come along, his knee was acting up.