Monday, January 27, 2014

I wobble along like the Michelin Man

I found the old Dennis Basso coat. That coat took me through the coldest winter in Europe in years when I was in Graz. It is missing a button but it is warm. I also acquired a trapper hat with faux fur flaps from Moose Jaw and it snaps below my chin. Then we got the tall Ugg boots in the plain suede and sheepskin. My big savings of the day, my hairdresser told me about No Nonsense cotton leggings. Thin enough to wear under pants/jeans and $ 12.00 a pair. That and my scarf and sunglasses (whether you need them or not) and I made through the day. However we did not dip below 10 degrees. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 0 with high winds.

I did not feel well all weekend so got nothing accomplished. I need to finish taking pictures for the hand softer than soft post, finish the chili recipe for Badger and do some work around here.

Big Daddy got a recipe out of the Sunday paper for a pork extravaganza. He is taking photos so I can show Punkin Head how this turns out. Yesterday we had a pork roast with roasted root veggies, acorn squash, and brussel sprouts. It was all very good. Tonight is stir fry pork and a green salad. Did I tell you about the sugar snap peas from Trader Joe's? I am all over those for salads and just for snacking they are great. Wednesday is pork tacos and Finally on Thursday is a soup finishing up the pork. I told BD if this turns out well-in the future I think the portions should go into the freezer and maybe a once a week pork dish. If the recipes are keepers. But you could always use it for hash too. We will see.

Well, four more days and this month will be over and then February is pretty short so maybe this will be okay.


  1. I see you know my calendar system, tool Don't acknowledge January, February, March....
    They, too, shall pass.

  2. It sure is cold. I had to go outside to fix the garage door and damn near died. My best investment was in Europe where I bought lined hiking pants. I never get cold legs with these - but the rest if me.....

    1. Today was the cold one, minus 8 this morning--now I am only cold from my butt to my knees. But my glasses fog up horrible and it is hard to see. Also the Ugg bottoms are not easy to walk on-on all surfaces. Have looked like a clown almost falling on numerous occasions.